Superstar sheep makes her mark

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By Andy Coghlan DOLLY is firmly lodged in the public consciousness. A survey of 1018 Britons has revealed that more than half had heard of her. Of those, 65 per cent knew she was the first mammal cloned from an adult cell. The survey, commissioned by the communications consultancy HCC.De Facto and presented this week at a biotechnology symposium in Edinburgh, also shows that Dolly has stolen the limelight from her creators. Only 2 per cent of the 535 respondents who had heard of Dolly knew she was cloned at the Roslin Institute near Edinburgh. And despite the Roslin researchers’ assurances that they don’t want their technology applied to people, 49 per cent of the respondents familiar with Dolly believed she was made to advance human cloning. Dolly’s high public profile has also forced the Roslin Institute into applying to trademark her name and image, after a row with the electrical goods manufacturer Zanussi over an advertisement. In a play on Zanussi’s slogan “The Appliance of Science”, billboards showed a sheep called Dolly under the line: “The Misappliance of Science”. After Roslin objected,