Let's go surfin' to the music store

日期:2017-11-16 07:55:40 作者:毋丘抻钶 阅读:

By Barry Fox TWO music copyright bodies have begun a pilot scheme to determine how record companies can use the Internet for selling music online. Funded by the European Union, Britain’s Mechanical Copyright Protection Society and Performing Rights Society have created a website containing copyrighted music to test the reactions of surfers. At http://www.musictrial.com, tracks can be downloaded and copied for free. The two bodies, jointly known as the Music Alliance, have chosen the free audio streaming package Liquid Audio for downloading and playback. The company which developed the software, Liquid Audio of Redwood City, California, claims that it incorporates secure authorisation and payment algorithms. Gary Numan’s classic dirge, Cars, is the first track available on the website. The record companies will monitor feedback from visitors to the site,