Sounding flat

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By Barry Fox IT MAY have been a military flop, but a flat panel loudspeaker system that failed to cancel engine noise in RAF fighter cockpits is set to hit Europe’s hi-fi shops later this month. NXT, a subsidiary of the British company Mission, has turned the technology into a £500 flat speaker system known as X-Space, which lets a PC, personal stereo or TV fill a room with clear stereo sound from the most unobtrusive of speakers. NXT’s X-Space amplifier simply connects to a headphone socket and feeds two thin flat panels, which are 30 centimetres square. A conventional bass “woofer” speaker is built into the amplifier itself to generate the low frequencies the panels cannot handle. Ordinary speakers use a powerful electromagnet to drive a conical or flat diaphragm that pumps air like a solid piston. The X-Space panel, which is light but stiff, is made of a strong honeycomb material. The panel bends and vibrates freely, instead of pumping, when stimulated by a small central transducer clamped to its rear. The speakers are much lighter than conventional devices because they do not require a heavy magnet. And because there is no coherent wavefront, the panels, which are 2-centimetres thick,