Cats don't do it just to spite you

日期:2017-05-14 01:06:04 作者:眭蒇埠 阅读:

THE popular belief that cats are attracted to people who hate them is a myth, say researchers who have put it to the test. Debbie Goodwin and John Bradshaw of Southampton University recruited eight cats and 16 men. Half of the men did not like cats. The researchers then videotaped minute-long interactions between each cat and each man. The men were not allowed to stroke or talk to the cat. Contrary to what folk wisdom predicts, the cats did not lavish more attention on the men who didn’t like them, Goodwin will tell a meeting of the International Society for Anthrozoology in Prague this week. If anything, she says, they preferred the cat-friendly men. “They displayed a friendly `tail up’ more often to cat-lovers,