Going places

日期:2018-02-13 04:02:36 作者:眭蒇埠 阅读:

By Duncan Graham-Rowe BOOKING your holiday should soon get easier thanks to an Internet software package which asks you what you want and searches the Web for the best deals. But rather than simply pointing you to certain websites, the software, called Intelligent Travel Agent (ITA), extracts the most relevant information from various sites and brings it all together on a personalised Web page. Designed by researchers at DFKI, the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Saarbrücken, the system uses software robots, or softbots, to seek out and extract only the information it decides is relevant from the source websites, such as the seating plan of an aircraft or the location of a hotel and how easy it is to get there from the airport. The ITA will also look for information that you may not have directly requested but which could nevertheless be useful, such as local maps, savings to be made by shifting arrival and departure dates, or even the likelihood of congested traffic on the day of travel. A small program called an applet in the user’s computer assimilates all this retrieved information and creates a virtual Web page of its findings. At the Internet server end, expert system agents use a combination of rules of thumb and natural language processing techniques to search more than 250 websites. Wolfgang Wahlster, the director of DFKI, says that although the ITA is limited to travel, the underlying intelligent search and display technology is easy to adapt and could be applied more broadly on the Internet,