Plugging the hot stuff

日期:2017-11-11 07:32:45 作者:贺兰畴 阅读:

By Barry Fox A lot of inventors obviously get inspiration at bathtime. David Newton of Preston has patented (GB 2 290 467) a temperature-sensitive plug which empties a bath if the water gets dangerously hot. The plug is made from two halves, with a spiral spring which tries to push them apart. When the plug is cold, a bimetallic latch of aluminium and nickel holds the plug together. But when the water passes a threshold temperature, the latch trips to pop the plug open. And Ronald Harris and Jenny Elphik of Hampshire want to stop baths overflowing (GB 2 319 723). They simply attach the plug to a short chain and air-filled sphere. If the bath gets too full,