Clothes cure-all

日期:2017-08-26 05:08:38 作者:万扃 阅读:

By Barry Fox A cure for irritation, lumbago, constipation, impotence, obesity, dermatitis, excessive computer gaming and refusal to attend school are claimed by Hisashi Mineta of Tokyo in EP 841 056. These problems, he says, result from using a VDU while wearing anything metallic. Using Zen theory, Mineta claims relief can be had from a T-shirt with a pad of natural salt, benzoic acid or citric acid in the cloth just below the navel, so it covers “a key meridian or acupuncture point”. The inventor tried the idea with swimming trunks, trousers and an apron, but the trunks create too strong a stimulus, and can lead to “actual harm”,